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Choosing your landscape lighting designer is the most important key to getting exactly what you want out of your lighting system.  Of course high quality lighting fixtures and system components is #2.  You could have one-of-a-kind rare marble for a statue but without the sculptor, it is just a slab of marble.

Just like choosing the architect to design your new home, your lighting designer should have years of schooling and experience under their belt before you trust them with your property and investment.  A well designed outdoor lighting system can transform the entire feel of your property and enhance it beyond your expectations.

There is so much more to landscape lighting design than what many might perceive.  As landscape lighting designers, we have to be knowledgeable with your plants and their foliage - understanding how the light will travel through it every season and how cumbersome the growth orientation will be on the lighting effect.  We need to know correct wattage, lumen output and beam angle of every lamp we install.  Every fixture has location flaws due to incorrect environmental factors and only a certain few fixtures will work in those circumstances.  Even given the perfect fixture for the situation, an improperly located fixture will not give you the proper effect.  You need to know your designer is capable and the easiest way to know is by looking over their past work.

At Jones Outdoor Lighting, we get to know our clientele and understand their style and needs before designing their system. We do not create "cookie-cutter" lighting systems at Jones Outdoor Lighting, even the smallest installation is custom designed.  We don't represent one manufacturer and design around the fixtures they have available to us.  We know how your property should look when we design it.  We know which fixtures you need and where to place them to achieve it. 

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